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Corporate Management / Owner / Chairman / CEO / GM
Government Executive
Production / Plant Manager
Technical Management / Engineer
Quality Control / Quality Assurance
Marketing / Sales
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2. Please tick your company’s main activity *

Bottling / Labeling
Liquid Food
Soft Drink
Agricultural-industries (rice/coffee/corn/cashew nuts etc)
Food Manufacturer
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Food Retailer / Distributor / Wholesaler / Caterer
Frozen / Chilled Foods
Fruit & Vegetable
Halal Foods
Meat Processing
Pet Foods
Snack foods
Consumer Goods / Electronics
Importer / Dealer / Distributor
Pharmaceutical / Biotech
Transportation / Logistics
Government / Standards Authority
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Automation / Drives & Control
Bar Coding / RFID / Printing & Labeling / Inkjet
Beverage / Brewing Technology
Canning Technology
Converting / Package Printing
Energy Efficiency Technology & Management
Food Ingredients / Additives
Food Technology
Handling / Conveyors
Instrumentation / Testing / QC / Laboratory Equipment
Lighting / Cable & Wire / Transmission & Distribution
Measurement & Weighing
Packaging Machinery
Packaging Materials / Finished Packaging
PET / Plastics Processing
Pharmaceutical Technology
Pollution Control / Waste Water Treatment
Process Control Technology
Processing Machinery
Refrigeration / Freezing / Air-Conditioning
Security / Safety / Fire / Access Control
Services / Consultancy / Design
Thermoforming Machinery
Transport / Storage Systems
Wrapping Machinery
Other, please specify

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5. How did you hear about the show? *

Direct mail / Invitation from organiser
E-newsletter from organiser
Show Website
Trade Magazines
Newspapers / Journal
Banners / Billboard
Colleagues / Friends
Social Media Networks
Trade Associations / Institutes
Exhibitors of show
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Place orders
Establish contacts/Visit suppliers
Seek representative
Gather information
Source product
Evaluate the show for future participation
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Admission Policy

  • Admission is FREE by ticket and business card registration only.
  • The exhibition is open to trade and business visitors only.
  • The general public and minors below the age of 18 will not be permitted entry for security and safety reason.
  • All visitors must be properly attired, e.g. those in shorts will be refused entry into the exhibition halls.
  • Organised groups employees of food & hospitality business and government officers are welcome. Please contact the organiser in advance.
  • The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without being required to give reasons.

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Badge Scanning Policy *

Whilst I may choose to withhold 3rd party consent upon registration to the ProPak Myanmar 2019, I understand that by choosing to allow my badge to be scanned by an exhibitor or sponsor, I am providing the exhibitor or sponsor with my personal data and in doing so I consent to this personal data being used by the exhibitor or sponsor for the purpose of contacting me in the future about their products or services. Badges cannot be read remotely. I also understand and agree that my personal data may be held and used by the organiser of ProPak Myanmar 2019 and any third-party hosting provider acting on its behalf, in order to run the event and for analysing visitor traffic with a view to improving the event experience for visitors and others. I understand and agree that the organiser may transfer my personal data outside of the European Economic Area for these purposes and I consent to such transfer of my personal data. I understand that as part of event security/attendance my badge may be scanned on entry/exit. This process is not associated with 3rd party consent choices that I may make.*